Sharing our experiences, empowering and supporting each other, fighting for our rights, raising awarness about the issues that force women to seek international protection and the effects of the injustices of the UK immigration system.

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WAST Choir and Workshops


By writing, performing and producing this play, WAST women employed their creative expression through working together, learning new skills and creating a space in which to share their stories. However the play is also both emotional and physically exhausting and many of the members involved are still continuing their fight to be granted leave to remain in Britain so to continue to perform throughout another year would be too much. Therefore at present there are no more live performances planned.
WAST worked in partnership with the GAP Unit ( Hannah Berry ) , Shaheda Choudhury (photographer) Siobhan McGuirk ( video documentary producer) and produced a DVD of the play that is now used for training and awareness raising workshops . WAST will increasing use this as a tool in the future so that the women have a much needed break from live performances in the new year but so that the impact of the play is not lost and can be used as an awareness raising tool as part of WAST workshops by all members of WAST.

The WAST Play workshop can be booked by statutory and voluntary agencies, community groups, or individuals by emailing WAST at The cost of the workshop ( usually around 2 hours but can be adapted to meet the needs of the group we are delivering it to ) can be negotiated but the cost has to cover the travel and refreshment and any child care expenses of the participants and a donation to WAST.


During the summer of 2010 and up to the showing of the WAST play at The Lowry and in London, an independent WAST choir was developed. The seeds of the choir had been sown by Michelle Udogu who was the voice trainer working with the WAST cast in their first performance in Manchester’s Zion center in 2009.

The newly formed choir in 2010 was led and trained by Lis Murphy from Musicians without Borders. This has established WAST as a performance choir and gives flexibility in the future to tour the work nationally as part of our talks and workshops. The WAST choir is currently meeting informally during the beginning of the WAST drop in until further funding can be found to cover rehearsal expenses.

The WAST choir performed at the Exodus Festival on 18th July at the Manchester Town Hall and as part of the TESTIMONY CD launch at Band on the wall on 23rd of September 2010 for the launch of their new album “Nitaishi” performed by a group of women of refugee and asylum seeker background from Manchester. WAST has had two other performances at Band On The Wall in Manchester this year and has sung for the Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit’s funding raising event in October 2010 and the WAST 5 year anniversary celebration in November 2010.

The choir can also be booked for performances through the WAST email and the cost will cover participants’ expenses and a donation to WAST.