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After some delay WAST now has a coach on for going to Yarls Wood which will be leaving Chorlton street coach station ( ON ROAD ALONGSIDE BUS STATION) as before but at  9 am this time and returning by 7/7.30pm
We are asking everyone and anyone for donations to meet the cost of the coach as we have no help this time.The coach will still  to asylum seekers and refugees but we are asking from a contribution what ever you can afford if you are coming as a supporter  at least  £5.00 please.
If you would like to come please use this email MARSHVICKY@HOTMAIL.COM  to let me know if you want a seat  , I need your  phone number included on the email and can you then please use our website pay pal to pay  for the coach/ donation or send a cheque  for WAST
 to  WAST
 Ada House 
77 Thompson street 
m4 5FY